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Board Candidate bio
July 21, 2016, 13:13
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Having accepted the nomination and agreed to run as a candidate for the SLA Board this year, we were asked to provide some biographical information for the campaign website. In the end these were quite heavily edited (at least, mine was!), and whilst I was happy to approve the shortened version I was still pleased with what I’d written so I thought I’d share it here in its entirety.

Emma Davidson has worked in libraries for over a decade, transitioning from public library acquisitions to rare books and manuscripts via a law firm information centre, and gaining her MLIS from University College London along the way. Her husband’s job brought them both from London to New York in the summer of 2012, and Emma joined SLA in order to make new connections in an unfamiliar city.

Attending her first New York chapter happy hour, Emma was recruited into their program planning group, and she also served on the Online Content Advisory Council during 2013, but it was in 2014 that her SLA involvement really took off. Her biggest achievements that year include being selected as one of two board mentees in the first year of a new mentoring program, and co-chairing the extremely successful inaugural NY chapter conference.

Emma became President-Elect of the New York chapter in 2015, but in case that wasn’t enough she also took on the role of PR coordinator for the Leadership and Management division. Currently in the middle of her Presidential year in New York, she recently accepted the post of interim Communications Chair for LMD, and enjoys balancing the requirements of both positions. Effective communication is a huge part of Emma’s mission, and her favourite compliment is when people recognize her name from their emails.

In the limited time this all leaves for actual work, Emma can be found in the Sherman Fairchild Reading Room at the Morgan Library in New York, where she enjoys helping readers working with the collections. There is genuinely never a dull moment, with material including Mesopotamian cylinder seals, papyri, Medieval and literary manuscripts, rare books and archives, as well as artist’s drawings, prints and photographs. She also recently began a project for the Morgan’s Rare Books and Bindings department, upgrading the catalogue records for books printed in England in the 16th century.

In addition to her MLIS, Emma has a MA in English from the University of Southampton (England), where she focussed on literature and material culture in the Medieval and Renaissance periods. When she isn’t answering SLA-related emails, you can find her singing with her church choir, planning her next vacation, or working out at a cardio kickboxing class.

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