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Thing 9 – Evernote
July 29, 2011, 17:05
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I think Evernote is really useful. I’ve been using it for a while now, but mainly just to keep track of lists of things I might want to remember at some point (books I’d like to read one day, training courses I’ve been on, ideas for Christmas presents – that sort of thing). Continue reading

Thing 8 – Google calendar
July 29, 2011, 17:04
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Hurrah for calendars which are online and shareable! I’m all in favour of things which make life easier with very little effort expended, and for me these fall into that category (some of the time, at least). Continue reading

Thing 7 – Face-to-face networks
July 22, 2011, 16:44
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As far as I can work out, a relaxed networker is a happy networker, so I’d strongly recommend approaching any kind of networking event with as laid-back an attitude as you can muster. Wine also helps, particularly when @tinamreynolds is pouring 😉 Continue reading

Thing 6 – Online networks
July 20, 2011, 10:54
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I really like online networking. Until quite recently I was always the person standing in the corner at events, trying frantically not to make eye contact with anyone whilst simultaneously endeavouring to build up the courage to actually speak to someone, so discovering that I could do this kind of thing online instead provided a fantastic opportunity to build my confidence. (That’s not to say I’m a real-life networking demon these days, but I’m certainly much happier to dive in and give it a go!)  Considering my various online networks in more detail, it’s quite apparent that the only one I use to any extent is Twitter – at the moment this seems to be working well, but perhaps I do need to give it all a bit more thought… Continue reading

Thing 5 – Reflective practice
July 18, 2011, 12:30
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My excuse for this Thing is that I am constitutionally unsuited to reflection, and I tend to operate in a ‘do the work, move on to the next thing’ kind of way. I try very hard not to replicate mistakes, but that’s normally about as far as I go. Continue reading

Thing 3 – My personal brand
July 18, 2011, 12:26
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As it happens, when I first started doing the social media thing I created something like a brand for myself without realising it. My first forays into Twitter and blogging began between my engagement and marriage, and as I hadn’t decided whether or not I was changing my name I wanted to pick something which was reasonably unique and could remain consistent whatever I chose to do, hence el399. I also wanted something slightly anonymous to begin with whilst I found my feet. Continue reading

Thing 4 – Current awareness
July 8, 2011, 11:39
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I already use Twitter and RSS feeds, so this was quite an easy Thing for me. I find RSS a really valuable way of receiving a range of content in one place, and have organised my feeds into a number of folders for ease of management. I started off using RSS mostly for work-related information, these days it’s more about library stuff and things of personal interest, and I like the ease with which feeds can be collected, arranged and removed as my life and interests change. Continue reading

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