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From art to design

Once again it has taken me far too long to get around to writing up a couple of library visits I’ve enjoyed in recent months. They were both organised by the lovely NY Librarians meet-up group, and were to places which I hadn’t come across before, so as always I was keen to participate (which raises the perennial question: are librarians as a profession inherently more inquisitive than others?!). On Friday 21st June we took in the Nolen Art Library, and Wednesday 10th July found us at  Material Connexions.

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Leaning in
August 19, 2013, 00:55
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So, no prizes for guessing which book I’ve been reading recently then. It’s been on my ‘to read’ list for ages, and I finally reached the top of the waiting list for a library copy last week. Naturally the fact that I hadn’t read it didn’t stop me having an opinion about it, and notwithstanding my ignorance I’d even chipped in to a recent twitter discussion about it (beautifully written-up by Jo here), so it’s nice finally to be up to speed on what everyone else is talking about!

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