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Things I’ve been reading – November 2012
December 3, 2012, 00:22
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Continuing the series…

10 ways intelligent job seekers blow their interviews
Very much common sense, but well worth remembering.

How to future-proof your career
Some more good advice, though the bit about getting out of a field which is being pummelled from all directions feels a bit too close for comfort!

Questions to ask your interviewers
In the past I’ve really struggled to think of good questions, and there are some fantastic ideas in this post.

Rebooting infolit, the BATTLE DECKS way
This just sounds awesome!

Entrepreneurs, don’t let your overloaded inbox drive you insane
A slightly different approach to email management, but one which I think makes a lot of sense (not just for entrepreneurs). I particularly like the quote the piece finishes with.

#cpd23 Thing 19: integrating Twitter into professional life
For the advanced Twitter user. I’m so impressed by all this!

Using Twitter in an academic library (and anywhere else for that matter!)
A really good model to follow if setting up an institutional Twitter account.

Use sound-bites to make your presentation stick
Another aspect to the art of speech-craft. I must admit this isn’t something I’ve tried myself but it sounds worthwhile, and I know I’ve responded positively to presentations I’ve heard where these tactics were used.

Support your team… quietly
An interesting methodology, which I’ve used with some success in the past, though I think it does depend somewhat on the situation and relationships involved. Good summary in the final paragraph.

Do you really need to say thank you?
I read another post recently about the importance of sending a thank you message immediately after a job interview, and I wasn’t entirely convinced. This made me think about it again in a slightly different context – I like to acknowledge receipt of emails too, and try to take the time to thank people when they’ve helped me out, and I do sometimes wonder whether I’m just adding to their email overload. Consequently it’s reassuring to hear at least one case study which backs me up!

Four productive measures every unemployed professional should be taking
And of course now I’m thinking about it, I’m spotting references to sending post-interview thank you notes all over the place…!

Don’t ask for feedback unless you really want it
I am frequently guilty of asking for feedback when what I actually want is validation, and then being frustrated when I get what I’ve asked for – definitely something to work on!

Disarm your audience when you present
Some great strategies to use when preparing a presentation, which may also help pre-empt questions for the audience.

Copyright for a digital ageIs there a light at the end of the UK copyright tunnel?

Managing LinkedIn groups
Not something I’ve had the need to do as yet, but this post looks useful.

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Got interviews on your mind perchance? I like the questions to ask your interviewers one particularly


Comment by Alan Fricker

Funnily enough I haven’t – though I can see why you might think that! It is interesting how things clump together though, and I’m sure that once I’ve read one thought-provoking article on a particular subject I’m more susceptible to others on the same theme.


Comment by Emma Davidson

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