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Thing 12 – Social media
August 31, 2011, 09:58
Filed under: cpd23

Just a quick post for this Thing as my thoughts on social media can be found scattered throughout my blog archives. However, here are a few brief thoughts about social media (if only to justify actually posting this!)….Pros:
Contact with geographically distributed network
Access to people in other fields/subjects/specialisms
Contact with senior figures
Facilitates collaboration, information-sharing and discussion

Quantity versus quality of contacts
Platform-specific issues
Access problems
Information overload
Time pressures

Personally, I think social media is great, though in order to feel like part of the community it is necessary to interact. Lurking is all very well but, like in real-life conversations, the pay-off comes when you jump in and start making proper connections with people. Adding contacts to a list is a good place to start, but stopping there kind of misses the point.  [I’m aware that this is a rather hypocritical thing for me to say as I’ve been a total social media hermit recently (real-life pressures have taken over for the time being), but I will pick up the online stuff again just as soon as I can!]

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