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The Reluctant Intrapreneur
July 15, 2014, 11:48
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Are you a reluctant intrapreneur? Mary Ellen Bates began her session by asking us this question, before going on to explain her view that information centres should be run along the same lines as small businesses. (The term intrapreneur, rather than entrepreneur, refers to the fact that within a workplace such behaviour would generally be internally- rather than externally-focussed.)

Her presentation was structured around four key pieces of advice, what she termed the intrapreneur’s toolkit, which are as follows:
1. A clear understanding of value
2. A self-correcting client focus
3. Negotiation jujitsu
4. Guerilla marketing

Her slides are available via and/or What follows is a summary of the notes I took during the session, which I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed. Mary Ellen has a really engaging, energetic presentation style, and whilst much of what she has to say can be filed under common sense, she brings a clarity and efficiency to bear on it all. Continue reading

A tale of two webinars
June 2, 2014, 19:26
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Before May 2014 I had never taken part in a webinar, but by the end of that month I had listened to two. I’m not quite sure what suddenly made me pay attention to this type of training, as I know I’ve missed plenty of excellent opportunities of this kind in the past, but whatever my subconscious process may have been I’m delighted I went along with it.

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