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Webinar: More than Pretty Pictures – Data Visualization for Info Pros
December 3, 2014, 16:29
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This afternoon I finally got around to listening to a webinar that I’ve had bookmarked since September. Part of the SLA LMD Professional Development Webinar Series, the session in question was More than Pretty Pictures – Data Visualization for Info Pros, delivered by Marcy Phelps. A recording of the session is available on vimeo, and the slides and further resources can be found on Marcy’s website. If you are at all interested in a solid basic introduction to data viz I highly recommend it.

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Webinar: Communicating through infographics
August 28, 2014, 15:38
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Back on July 10th I listened to a very informative webinar, Communicating through infographics. Hosted by SLA’s DC Chapter and presented by Duke University’s Dr Christa Kelleher, the session provided an overview of recommendations and potential pitfalls for creating infographics. Looking back over my notes all these weeks later they seem rather stream-of-consciousness, so I’m almost reluctant to write them up in case I make the webinar sound a lot less coherent than it actually was! However, I’m moving house soon and I don’t want to risk losing them (they make sense to me!), so here goes…

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