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SLA NY President-Elect, 2015
November 3, 2014, 14:21
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As of our annual meeting on October 6th, I am SLA NY’s President-Elect for 2015.  Which of course means that I shall be SLA NY President in 2016, providence permitting. I am still at the stage of thinking that if I say it enough I will finally start to believe it, although it has been on the cards since at least mid-summer so I ought to have got used to it by now.

Thanks to being one of the two inaugural SLA NY Board mentees, I’ve been involved with the Board’s machinations for almost a year now, and co-chairing the 2014 Conference Committee has given me some tremendous experience of working with a wide variety of different players and personalities. The people who give their time to run SLA NY are superbly talented professionals, many of them with senior and demanding jobs, and I am completely overwhelmed by the fact that they are looking at me to help run things.

The whole prospect is being made much less scary by the fact that one of my fantastic conference co-chairs will be President next year, and she and I work really well together. The themes she has selected for 2015 are things which I also believe are important – I’m looking forward to participating in them, and they will also segue very nicely into the areas I’m currently planning to focus on. (I’m being deliberately vague here as I don’t think any formal announcements have been made yet, more details will follow in due course.)

My personal focus for 2015 will be on the Chapter’s communications as this is an area I feel passionately about, and to which I hope I can make a positive contribution. I’ve already met with the current Communications Chair to discuss what we might do going forward and more meetings will be in the pipeline soon. I’m also planning to sit on the Conference committee, though I intend to get much less heavily involved in that than I was this year (we’ll see how that goes though…!). Thirdly (though I’m sure not lastly) I am delighted that we are running our Board Mentee scheme again, especially as we have two great participants signed up, and I look forward to being involved with that too. Having been part of the first year of this scheme, I have a detailed understanding of what worked and what we need to improve on, but ultimately the fact that it produced a new President and President-Elect for the Chapter is clear testament to how powerfully this kind of scheme can succeed for all involved.

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