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CPD 2013
February 1, 2014, 18:29
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I’ve just been adding my 2013 CPD activities to my portfolio space on the CILIP VLE, and I was pleased to note that I racked up 37 hours. This doesn’t take into account a couple of events which I didn’t write up and don’t remember enough about now; at least 4 hours reading ILIG Focus and 12 hours reading Update, which I didn’t log (though I may this year); plus easily another 20+ hours (also not logged) of SLA committee meetings and associated tasks – and I thought it had been a fairly quiet year on the CPD front!

It was a bit of a chore to input them all, but the system is very easy to use, and the whole process should be much easier this year as long as I’m disciplined about adding things as I do them. I wanted to keep my descriptions of each item brief, whilst still trying to follow a “what, so what, now what” format. I think I achieved this well in some cases, whilst others are a bit light on reflection, although I did blog in more detail about a number of them and have included links.
With all this in mind, my CPD focus for 2014 will be two-fold:
  •  to focus on quality over quantity when choosing events to attend – I need to be able to remember what I’ve done and what benefit I gained; and
  • to up my reflection across the board – especially as I’m going to be working on a couple of significant projects, which will benefit from proper consideration.

I should also say how appreciative I am of the new CILIP VLE and portfolio space. I have been surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed getting to grips with using it, and am hoping that it will make the whole revalidation process (when I get there) a lot less painful than might otherwise have been the case.

It has been just over a year since I submitted my Chartership, and I blogged about this at the time. What I don’t think I’ve blogged about is that I was asked to submit an additional 500 words addendum, assessing the impact of a workplace review which I’d mentioned but hadn’t thought significant enough (or had enough words available) to discuss in my original submission. I had rather mixed feelings about doing this, but duly produced the necessary and was delighted to hear that my submission had been accepted at the end of May.

Despite only being able to take on volunteer work, 2013 was surprisingly varied for me professionally. In the first half of the year I spent quite a lot of time volunteering in various public library branches, mostly just shelving and shelf-tidying (and musing about classification systems). This has left me with a tremendous admiration for anyone who can spend more than about 30 minutes at a time on these activities, as my initial satisfaction at the task quickly turned to a brain-melting-out-of-ears sensation, and even a 2 hour shift could feel like eternity. Consequently my delight about snagging a volunteer job at the Morgan Library was even greater than it should have been, and I’m pleased to report that I still love working there.

Meanwhile, I joined SLA and threw myself into the activities of the New York chapter. As well as more educational programmes SLA NY offers regular opportunities to network socially, and the monthly happy hours are particularly enjoyable. The first one of these I attended, late in January, was particularly valuable – as well as meeting a number of lovely librarians who have since become my friends, I was introduced to the chapter President-Elect who promptly roped me in to his events committee.

At my first Program Committee meeting I learned that the chapter was planning to hold a conference, something which they hadn’t attempted for quite a number of years. Originally scheduled for early 2014, this will now be taking place on September 18th, and I’ve landed the role of Co-Chair of the Conference Committee (an interesting progression from that of project manager, which I was asked to take on quite early in the planning process).

Myself and my fellow co-chair are also participating in a new SLA NY Board mentorship scheme, designed to nurture potential future leaders for the chapter. We have a meeting coming up soon to find out exactly what this will entail, so more details when I have them, but it looks as though 2014 should be an exciting year!

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