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Social styles
December 3, 2013, 21:50
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What is your social style? I attended a very interesting event recently in which we were asked to assess our own styles and then look at how that affects our interaction with others.I’ve done this kind of thing before, learning about MBTI and assertiveness, and this went along the same lines. Based on work by Bolton & Bolton, this particular scheme looks at degrees of assertiveness and emotional responsiveness and categorises people into four groups:

(Image borrowed with thanks from this site.)

The trainer was Dave Ciliberto, and I have to say that he was excellent – energetic, enthusiastic and responsive. I very much enjoyed the way the session was structured, with an opening section where Dave talked us through the background and explained the concepts, some time to fill in a self-assessment questionnaire and work out where we fit into the scheme, and then working in type-groups before concluding with some full-group discussion.

This webpage gives a good overview of how it all works, but here are just a few brief notes that I made during our session:

Organised and logical, these people love to over-share data.

Candid and efficient, but not really a team player or tremendously interested in small details.

These super-collaborative and diplomatic types like to work as ‘we’, and need to feel connected.

Energetic and thick-skinned, these are great at brainstorming but may need to be kept to the agenda.

An interesting side-benefit of the session was that it was also attended by some people with whom I work on SLA committees, so now I have a direct insight into the ways they like to operate, and a better understanding about how I can communicate with them effectively. Like MBTI, this would be a really good team-building exercise for all kinds of groups.

(Turns out I’m a driver, by the way.)


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