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Reading February and March 2013
April 1, 2013, 18:04
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Here we go again… Apologies for the combined issue, the first half of March disappeared before I noticed.

How to communicate dissent at work
I’m all for communicating contrary opinions, so anything which supports this is good in my book. I also very much agree with the points that the complaint should be made to someone who can change the situation and that a solution should be offered too – a good one-off moan to a colleague can be cathartic, but constantly whinging about the same old problems is irritating and demotivating for all concerned.

Art of listening
Another post from outside my usual sources. I’ve recently begun listening to audiobooks on a regular basis, and am always surprised how hard it is to focus on them for any length of time. Listening to actual people talking is clearly more of an important skill to practice, this post’s list of things to avoid is well worth remembering, and I’m going to give the handclasping technique a go the next time I need to remind myself of this.

Stop Press – my top media tips
How to wrote an effective press release in a clear and straightforward way.

Going social – word of mouse
Top tips for a good intranet.

How to integrate interactivity into your training sessions
(subtitle: ask Lisa to blog about training things you want to know more about, she’s brill!)
A refreshing antidote to dull training sessions with pointless-seeming activities.

It’s the little things
Little things are always harder to change, in my experience, but yet can often have a much bigger impact. This reminded me of a few similar changes I’ve been meaning (and likewise failing) to make for a while now…

8 reasons why LinkedIn is DEFINITELY for librarians
Some great points in favour of using LinkedIn.

10 interview questions you should never ask (and 5 you always should)
I especially like the questions you should ask that are described – you could potentially get some really valuable insights into the organisation.

Words to leave off your resume

Write emails that people won’t ignore
Poorly-typed emails are a pet peeve of mine, so it was nice to see that flagged up here, and I also like the tips for writing effective content.

What makes one a librarian?

How to be enchanting
I’m not sure I’ve ever used the word enchanting, and certainly not with reference to my professional life, but these are all good points.

Keynote from NLS6: Moving beyond the book museumsJust inspirational.


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