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Reading January 2013
February 2, 2013, 23:06
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I’m not sure whether I’m going to continue the ‘what I’ve been reading’ thing in the same format this year but, whilst I think about it some more, here goes:

Three posts on organizational change in libraries
Thoughtful and interesting perspectives on different sides of the same issue.

What the DPLA can mean for public libraries
Utopia, basically.

Public speaking for the terrified!
Some really good tips here, I especially like the one about treating panel sessions and job interviews as a conversation with others who are interested in the same topic.

4 essentials for reaching out to strangers on LinkedIn
I have never done this (yet) but will certainly be keeping this style of approach in mind in case I need to use it one day.

We know you can read. So can we.
A painful scenario, and one which is sadly familiar. Why do presenters do this?!

Work-life balance – it’s a fluid concept
I agree with every word of this, and it’s really well put. (I also suggest reading the post Ned links to under point 5.)

How to not suck at meetings
Some common sense and a load of great advice

A little outside my usual sources for these posts, but valuable nevertheless. I received similar advice from one of my best teachers, Mrs Paltridge, at the start of my 2nd year of A Levels when the amount of work on my horizon reduced me to entirely uncharacteristic tears, but like Stephanie I generally fail to apply the same logic to my to do list.

I think both the drawing and the crinkled piece of paper metaphor are excellent, and well worth keeping in mind.

Ik leer / I learn
This post caught my eye as I’ve been wanting to get back to language learning, and similarly find myself struggling to maintain self-administered textbook courses. I’ve dipped into Memrise, but ought to get back to it in a more regular way, and I love the idea of using childrens’ books.

What makes a good exercise?
Some great suggestions for planning enjoyable and productive exercises for a training session.

How to chair an ALA committee meeting
A thorough look at how to succeed at committee chairing, which I think would be useful in pretty much any organisation.

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