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Things I’ve been reading – December 2012
January 1, 2013, 01:13
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Continuing the series…

It’s not me, it’s you!
Interesting insight into some for the reasons for following people (or not) back on Twitter. I hadn’t given it much thought before but I follow a very similar set of criteria.

Use social media to build emotional capital
Having worked on implementing new corporate social media initiatives myself a lot of this rings very true.

Top 10 tips for a successful telephone interview
I especially like the one about sitting in front of a mirror…

10 common sense success strategies for 2013 and beyond
I like these a lot.

Influencing through networking
Laura gives a useful summary of some good advice – sounds like it was a great presentation.

Reviewing your objectives and achievements
A lot of this really resonates with me, as I’ve been busy lining up evidence of my skills and achievements for my Chartership portfolio. I’ve also been appreciating where I am at the moment, and spending time reflecting on what I might do next – not something I’ve properly done before and I’m finding it both challenging and invigorating.

Don’t get stuck as someone else’s second-in-command
Whilst I don’t disagree with the argument of this post, I strongly believe that the world needs good seconds-in-command just as much as it needs good leaders, and not every strong manager has the ambitions or the temperament to make it right to the top. I don’t think this is a bad thing – and the implicit comparison of second-in-command to the silver medal slot is somewhat insulting to those who have successfully risen above a considerable amount of competition. I guess the key is having the self-awareness to know whether first or second place is right for you, and tailoring your strategy accordingly.

Finding the time to blog
This post really got me thinking about how blurry the boundaries between work and leisure time seem to be for most people. I also really like the concept of diverting time spent consuming into sharing – personally I much prefer interacting with people (by whatever means) to staring mindlessly at the TV (though don’t get me wrong, sometimes a bit of telly is just what the doctor ordered!).

Leaving Europe: a new life in America
This online exhibition from the DPLA and Europeana is totally different from my usual content in these posts, but I wanted to include it as I think it’s really effective, with simple well laid-out pages, and clear and informative text. (I’m afraid I find highly interactive online exhibitions distracting, so this clarity is much appreciated!)

Endorse and be endorsed
I hadn’t really thought through the purpose of LinkedIn endorsements, so this post was useful in explaining how to make use of them.

Never lie about who you really are
Yes. Just yes.

Tips for coping with writing up a PhD
Some good advice applicable to any big writing project.

The power of negative thinking
This is quite challenging for me as I’m a great believer in positive thinking, but I do like the idea of imagining worst-case scenarios in order to reduce and rationalise fear.

No really, social collaboration is NOT a waste of time
How to craft a persuasive argument for introducing social collaboration in the workplace.

Why you’re talking past people, and how to stop
I know I do this, especially when I feel like I’m being challenged even though I’m in the right, and I need to work on how I respond in this kind of situation.

12 principles for responding to negative online comments
Lots to take in, and some good advice.

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The follow choice thing is interesting. I have been bad at adding new folk recently – feeling a bit like I do not have the time. It will be good to add new folk that are less known to me – try and pop the bubble a bit.


Comment by Alan Fricker

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