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Reflections on #chapowrimo
December 18, 2012, 23:58
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The idea behind #chapowrimo (aka Chartership Portfolio Writing Month) was a simple one – commit to doing a defined amount of work on your Chartership portfolio throughout the month of November.
My chapowrimo commitment was a simple one:

Beginning on Monday 29th October I will spend at least 30 minutes each weekday working on my portfolio. I shall keep a note of my progress and also tweet about it each day using the #chapowrimo tag.

Looking back over my log I more-or-less managed to keep this up for the first two weeks, but then other circumstances prevailed and I didn’t do any portfolio work until November 29th. I logged progress on 10 out of a possible 25 days, and some of those were back-dated from a couple of days when I put in longer sessions – overall a fairly robust failure.

However, I am choosing to regard this as more of a success than the statistics seem to warrant. In my first days of activity the just-a-small-amount-of-time approach really helped me crack on with some of the minor tasks I’d been putting off, and once I was sitting down to work I often found that I wanted to spend longer on it than the initial 30 minutes.

If I had looked at my calendar for November in advance I would have realised that the central two weeks were never going to contain enough time to do any meaningful portfolio work, but the foundations laid down at the start of the month, coupled with the ‘I really must get back to this’ guilty feeling at the end, allowed me to start December with a good amount of progress behind me.

This progress, combined with the added deadline of meeting up with Kelly on Dec 8th spurred me on towards the finish line, and I am currently waiting for my mentor’s final comments whilst inputting internal links in my document – once they’re in I’ll be ready to submit. Without my #chapowrimo endeavours I honestly don’t think I’d be at this stage.

[In a similar vein I’ve also been trying to apply Helen’s ‘Keep Things Moving’ approach to other tasks I would usually put off indefinitely, and it’s working!]

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