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Things I’ve been reading – October 2012
November 1, 2012, 09:00
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Continuing the monthly series…

Best times to post social media
Worth bearing in mind if you’re looking to make a splash (or get something out under the radar!).

Career (and life) planning
Includes some useful resources to help with planning, as well as more personal reflections on when/why this might be a good thing to do.

Live-tweeting at academic conferences – 10 rules of thumb
Having done some live-tweeting from events (including academic conferences) myself, I wish I’d had this to refer to before!

How to present to senior executives
Some of these tips (especially the one about getting to the point straight away) could be used to improve almost any presentation, I feel.

Now you are a manager
Some useful advice.

EU laws on orphan works given final approval
An important and useful piece of legislation.

Dressing the part
I’ve written before about my personal preference for a smarter kind of workplace attire, but was still surprised to read about the comments this librarian experienced. Good point in the last paragraph, too.

Remembering to make time for things in life which are actually important (as opposed to those which are just demanding) is something I’m not always good at.

What you need to know to get the most benefit from your mentor
A really neat summary of mentoring and how to make it work best.

Not lesser, just different
Specifically aimed at law firm librarians but applicable much more widely

An (this) idiot’s survival guide to #aberils, part II
In Helen’s own words, this is about “momentum, how to get it, and once you’ve got it, how to keep it going”. Her reward-based little-and-often scheme seems like a really excellent habit to get into – I’m trying it myself at present with #chapowrimo and have probably got more done in the last two days than I’ve managed in the last two months.

Users, members, clients, patrons, owners?
A thought-provoking contribution to the whole ‘what do we call people who use the library?’ debate. In my previous workplace we tended to say ‘readers’, because that’s pretty much what people came in to do. For myself, I prefer either member or user – if I’ve had to fill out a form and get a card then I’ve surely become a library member, though I’d be more likely to feel I used a library rather than belonged to it… The nuances around customer are also interesting, I don’t entirely like it but I can see how it’s a valid term.

Do your slides pass the glance test?
Some great tips for slide layout as well as content. Design is definitely not a strong area for me so I do appreciate this kind of thing!

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