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Things I’ve been reading – September 2012
October 1, 2012, 01:17
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Continuing the series of posts about my online reading…

How to bring the joy back to your productivity
The only point of this which I disagree with is that I think it is quite often necessary to block out time to spend with your family/partner/self, particularly if, like me, you need to see things in the diary in order to do them.

7 reasons your company should be blogging
Just in case anyone still needs convincing, a set of neat and persuasive points.

What is a librarian without a library? – another perspective
Librarians as “dealers in time and space”? I like it!

CILIP Chartership – from registration to submission
A useful post from Jo Alcock summarising the key moments of her Chartership journey. Although a personal reflection on the process this would be really useful for anyone considering Chartering as it sets it all out clearly. I completely agree that there is far too much mystery and ambivalence around Chartership at present, so this kind of account is particularly welcome.

How I learned to stop worrying and enjoy CPD
Another refreshing and realistic post, this time from Jo Wood…

…and a lovely response to it.

Teaching strategies for librarians

Lazy, or incompetent, or in over your head?
“I’m too busy” is such a ubiquitous excuse – sometimes it is simply true but I wonder how often it gets used to mask deeper issues.

The two Ps and a T of social intranets
In brief, James argues that the way to success with social intranets involves engaging people, process and technology in that order. Surely this the best way to approach almost any project?

Five free methods of archiving tweets from events – which are best?
A detailed look at some useful tools, and recommendations too!

Chartership, Revalidation, Professional Knowledge and Skills Base, and…
An epic post from Tina in which she takes the whole Chartership and PKSB structure to task 🙂 and I must say I agree with many of the points she makes.

Boring is productive
I am the kind of person who finds the small daily decisions (like choosing an outfit, or deciding what to eat for lunch) far more taxing than is strictly necessary, so this post was quite a relief!

Your body language speaks for you in meetings
Interesting, and I think probably useful to have a set of questions with which to measure yourself.

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