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June 7, 2012, 14:52
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A couple of weeks ago I received some rather exciting news. My husband’s company have decided to send him to New York to set up a branch of their operations there, and I’ll be going with him.

We’re moving at the end of July, although I’m finishing work at the end of June so will be able to concentrate fully on the packing and other preparations after that. The biggest thing at the moment is arranging for most of our possessions to go into storage – we’ll take a few things with us but as we don’t know how long we’ll be over there for (a year in the first instance, but it could be longer if it all goes well) we don’t want to ship everything out just to have to bring it all back again. We are both hoarders by nature (especially when it comes to books), and getting rid of long-treasured possessions is proving really challenging, although the thought of the storage costs is a great way of measuring whether or not certain things are actually worth keeping!

Handing in my notice at work was rather sad, this has been a fascinating place to work and I’m going to miss it – and my fantastic colleagues – very much indeed. Everyone has been really supportive and excited for me, which is lovely, and I’m looking forward to keeping up with what’s going on by following the various blogs and podcasts.

In the first instance I won’t be working in New York, although we’ll review this later on depending on how things go. I’m actually really looking forward to taking some time out of the 9-5, and will be making the most of the opportunity to explore the city. Voluntary work and a language course are top of my list of things I’d like to take up fairly soon (as well as allocating time for jogging, swimming, yoga,  knitting, reading, etc etc!), but can wait until we’ve settled in a bit. I’m also fully intending to keep up my professional awareness, maintaining my CILIP membership, and will be looking into joining the SLA &/or ALA too. If London is anything to go by I’m sure New York will have plenty to offer in the way of CPD opportunities, and I’m looking forward to seeking them out.

And of course I’ll also be writing up my Chartership portfolio – I’ve got as far as the first draft, but have decided that trying to get it to a submittable standard before I leave is just not sensible. I also like the idea of being able to come back to the draft after a month or so off and revising it with fresh eyes. I’m still planning to submit in the autumn, which should be perfectly achievable, and my mentor has promised to keep an eye on my progress from afar!

As for the future of this blog – well, who knows. At least in the first instance it is likely to feature less about libraries and more on the universe and everything, though I’m still in two minds whether to start a new blog completely and let this one languish until I have more library stuff to talk about…

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Wow! What an exciting move. Good luck with, and keep in touch 🙂


Comment by Katie Birkwood

Thanks Katie!


Comment by Emma Davidson

Wow! That’s sudden! A lot like how I found myself in Cambridge and that’s working out really well for us. I hope your big move works out just as well and lots opportunities line up for you when you get there. Good luck!


Comment by Niamh Page (@niamhpage)

Thank you Niamh – I’m currently a bit daunted by all there is to do, but I’m sure it’ll be fab once we’re there!


Comment by Emma Davidson


What an exciting opportunity!

NYLON means you’ll carry on with your committee work I am sure 😉


Comment by Alan Fricker

Thanks Alan!


Comment by Emma Davidson

Sounds like a great opportunity – have fun, you’ll be missed 🙂


Comment by Richard Hawkins

Thanks Richard, I’m definitely going to miss things here.


Comment by Emma Davidson

Hi Emma,

Congratulations! It’s going to be such a great opportunity. I’m from the UK but live in Philly and I’m an overseas Chartership candidate. I know you’re close to being done (I’m only 3 months in) but I travel up to NY from time to time as it’s so close… if you wanted to get together that would be ACE – you would be the first person I meet here who understands what it’s all about! We could start our own mini support group for overseas candidates!



Comment by kellyquaye

Hi Kelly,

What a brilliant idea! A mini support group would be fantastic. How is your Chartership going so far? I have a feeling I’m going to need some encouragement to get on and get mine finished, despite being not too far off…!

I’ll look forward to meeting you in NYC 🙂


Comment by Emma Davidson

[…] be able to put together a reading post in July, as I’m going to be rather busy preparing for our move to New York at the end of the month. I’m definitely planning to continue this series though, as I find it […]


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