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Reflections on #libday8
February 6, 2012, 13:07
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Last week was the first time I’ve participated properly in the Library Day in the Life project, and I thought it would be useful to reflect a little on how it went…

My current job involves a wide and diverse range of duties and activities. This is great for me as I like to have a lot on my plate, but when things aren’t busy and no deadlines are looming it becomes all too easy for me to flit from project to project and not actually achieve very much. I find it much easier to get motivated when I have a zillion things to do at once, and in weeks where I have just a few things to accomplish I really struggle to get going. So far this year my workload has been pretty quiet, but I found that blogging about my days for #libday8 was surprisingly motivating.

Last Monday morning I drafted my to-do list as usual but with more of an eye to showcasing a good range of activities, which automatically made my week look more interesting. Working through the days, I found myself wanting to finish tasks so I could blog about them too. I’m quite a perfectionist and don’t really like finishing, as I’m always convinced I can make things better if I just spend a little more time looking through them, so I need to remind myself that ‘good enough’ can be perfectly acceptable (especially when drafting things which are going to be picked apart by numerous colleagues anyway!).

I don’t think blogging about all my days is a sustainable practice, but it has made me realise that I need to manage my time better in terms of scheduling tasks across the week and giving myself more deadlines, especially when I have the control to do so. If I look at my to-do list with dread then something is clearly wrong, and if shifting things around makes it all more appealing then that’s a pretty easy win. Of course I’m now wondering why I never thought of this before, but never mind!

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