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Thing 17 – Prezi and Slideshare
October 10, 2011, 17:50
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I would love to learn how to use Prezi. I’ve seen some great examples in action and am massively envious.

However, if I do a presentation at, for or on behalf of work I have to use our in-house PowerPoint template, and I have yet to find an opportunity to present in a non-work context – to be honest I rarely give presentations of any sort, and prefer a brief verbal approach rather than anything lengthy or involved enough to require supplementary details. I will keep my eyes open for the magic moment, but until then I’m afraid I shall have to stick to admiring other people’s handiwork. I realise I could cook up a spurious tester Prezi but frankly I don’t have the time, plus I know I’d promptly forget everything and thereby render the exercise doubly pointless.

I must admit I’m also a bit sceptical about presentations in general – if I had £1 for every tedious minute spent watching someone read back their slides I’d be fantastically rich by now! I’d much rather listen to someone speak engagingly about their subject with no slides whatsoever, and a handout supplied containing anything I actually needed to take away. Or, better yet, something small – a flyer/postcard/business card – printed with minimal information about the session and a URL at which the necessary information could be accessed. I know one school of advice is to put up pretty pictures, which is all very well, but frankly if what you’re saying isn’t interesting enough to engage the audience why are you actually bothering to speak in the first place?


Not doing many presentations = not having many sets of slides. I’ve used Slideshare a number of times to access presentations and it’s undoubtedly useful. I thought the virtual resume example was outrageously cheesy but it’s a really interesting idea, and definitely something I will tuck at the back of my mind in case of future need.

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