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Thing 8 – Google calendar
July 29, 2011, 17:04
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Hurrah for calendars which are online and shareable! I’m all in favour of things which make life easier with very little effort expended, and for me these fall into that category (some of the time, at least).

When I got my smartphone I (accidentally) managed to activate my Yahoo calendar, and although I occasionally miss my paper diary I really haven’t looked back. The only time I  run into difficulties is when I’m on the phone and trying to sort out an appointment, although the calendar is visible via my email account too, so as long as I’ve got a computer in front of me it isn’t an insurmountable issue (and I still seem to cope even when I haven’t!).

At work we’ve all got Outlook and most people across the organisation are happy to share calendars, which is useful for all the obvious reasons. We also have a dedicated calendar for our team, which we’re all supposed to keep updated with our meetings, appointments etc. – a really handy tool so long as everyone remembers to add their things to it in good time. I have recently set up access to my work calendar from my phone too, though I’m still getting used to having it there and am not yet remembering to check it as often as perhaps I should.

I have contemplated switching to Google calendar, but mainly just because my husband uses it and it is proving really hard to sync with my Yahoo one, so if he wants to check my availability or see if we’ve got any joint commitments he has to ask me, which is less than ideal. I think he’s managed to hack something together so he can at least view my calendar, but still can’t add or update things – if anyone has any cunning solutions please let me know in the comments! So far I’ve resisted changing as I have no other issues with my current setup, and he doesn’t want to switch to Yahoo either. Being totally honest, this isn’t such a problem for me as I tend to be the one who maintains our diary – if the situation was reversed I would absolutely have sorted it out by now!

I think there is a big control aspect to all of this – I am happy for people to be able to check what I’m doing via my calendars (both work and personal), but I like to retain control of the editing thereof. Just as I really didn’t like people writing in my paper diary, neither do I like the idea of appointments being added to my online calendar without my prior agreement, no matter how interesting or enjoyable the activity might be.

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