Libraries, the universe and everything

September 28, 2010, 19:18
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So here I am, on the day after my 30th birthday, sitting on the (rather sticky) floor in a club in Kilburn. I’m here on my own as my husband is busy and I didn’t think it’d be any of my friends’ cup of tea (though now I come to think of it I’m not sure I actually asked anyone…). And it’s all Twitter’s fault.

Well, maybe not all, but my progression from Twitter sceptic to fan led to me not only discovering and booking for this event (#igniteLDN3), but has also enabled me to find so many inspiring blogs, and so here I am – in Kilburn, and finally succumbing to the temptation to try writing my own blog.

Given that I don’t really like writing very much, this might be a step too far, but I’ve been thinking about it for ages so figured I should just get on with it. Besides, my new decade’s resolution is to try to be more reflective about things (rather than just ranting about stuff to my husband), so hopefully this will be a good space in which to do that.

I am a card- (or should that be book- ?) carrying librarian, so I’m guessing a lot of my posts will be on matters bibliographical, but I’m sure other interests will creep in from time to time.

(nb. This is actually a double first – I’ve used WordPress before but never from my phone, but as I think this event is just about to start I’m going to try posting and see how it comes out…)

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